Comedy Gold - Alina Sharipova & Rogier Bak

Comedy Gold        te gast

Alina Sharipova & Rogier Bak are sharing the stage for this special split bill!

Join us for a night of great comedy as we make fun of ourselves and everyone, but especially the Dutch!

The show will be held entirely in English.

Book your tickets for Friday, October 20 at 8pm.

Book your tickets for Saturday, October 21 at 8 pm.

Click here for more information about Alina Sharipova.

Click here for more information about Rogier Bak.

13,5 - 18,5 euros.

Theater Box vzw

Pijndersstraat 16

9000 Gent

0486 65 19 00


RPR Gent, afd. Gent