How to Cheat on your Husband - Luana Matei

How to Cheat on your Husband        te gast

A Cheater’s Guide to Lov.

Come and celebrate love and all of its awkward, silly funny and down right embarrassing moments. Sold out in over 40 cities, across 14 countries!

Book now for jokes on family & therapy, love & sex, marriage, divorce & cheating. It's a joke, of course.

Comedian Luana Matei will make you laugh, rethink your marriage, and act like the anti-Cupid. Come and experience it yourself.

Yes, you can laugh about communism, infidelity, bad sex, parents, ninjas, and sleeping your way around the world in the same show! Luana's humour is messy and dark, because, well, life is messy & dark. And if she asks you weird questions you can tell her to f$$$ off and ask her questions in return.

Single, married, divorced, in a relationship, situationship or just confused you're welcome to watch the show and get involved!

The show will be held entirely in English.

Book your tickets for Friday, March 15 at 9pm.

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12,5 - 18,5 euros.

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