Culturally Inappropriate - Dima Watermelon

Culturally Inappropriate        te gast

Welcome to "Culturally Inappropriate", a wild and unapologetically hilarious standup comedy show by unique comedian Dima Watermelon. This show is about the absurdity of day-to-day existence and the quirks of our diverse society.

Expect witty jokes and ridiculous life stories about emigration, online dating, Berlin techno clubs, interracial relationships, shark attacks, politics, and even nuclear war. For Dima, no topic is off-limits or too soon.

The show is held entirely in English.

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Book your tickets for Monday the 5th of October at 8pm.

10 euros online

20 euros at the door

Theater Box vzw

Pijndersstraat 16

9000 Gent

0486 65 19 00


RPR Gent, afd. Gent