How to cheat on your husband

How to cheat on your husband        Gentse Feesten

Comedy show in English.

Sold out in over 42 cities, across 15 countries!

A Cheater’s Guide to Love. Comedian Luana Matei will make you laugh, rethink your marriage and act like the anti-Cupid.

 Yes, you can laugh about communism, infidelity, bad sex, parents, ninjas, and sleeping your way around the world in the same show!

Luana's humour is messy and dark, because, well, life is messy and dark.

Single, married, divorced, in a relationship, situationship or just confused? You are welcome to watch the show and get involved!

Get your tickets for Saturday July 27, 10pm here.

17,5 euros

15 euros early birds

12,5 euros groups of 4

10 euros students

Theater Box vzw

Pijndersstraat 16

9000 Gent

0486 65 19 00


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