My therapist is Ukrainian

My therapist is Ukrainian        Gentse Feesten

Comedy show in English.

The show follows comedian Luana, with her family, relations and somehow "petty" problems, and her therapist in Ukraine dealing with real issues. They both start to break the rules, make each other laugh in the hardest times, tell each other exactly what they think and making huge, tumultuous changes to each other's lives.

This is the somehow real story of Luana's and her therapist's personal story. The show is interactive, heart-warming and based on humour driven from honesty.

A comedy show about mental health for the mentally unhealthy.


Get your tickets for Saturday July 27, 7pm here.

17,5 euros

15 euros early birds

12,5 euros groups of 4

10 euros students

Theater Box vzw

Pijndersstraat 16

9000 Gent

0486 65 19 00


RPR Gent, afd. Gent