Fake Freuds - Dan Belkin

Fake Freuds: A Self-Help Comedy Show        te gast

Stand-up comedy meets therapy in this show where comedians use humour to solve your problems.

Join us for an evening where you can submit your problems and questions anonymously on a piece of paper, and our hilarious comedians will use the power of humor to provide hilarious advice.

This show is cheaper than therapy and sure to dispel stress with punchlines.

Hosted by Dan Belkin and featuring guest comedians.

The show will be held entirely in English.

Book your tickets for Friday, March 22 at 9pm.

14 - 20 euros.

Theater Box vzw

Pijndersstraat 16

9000 Gent


0486 65 19 00


RPR Gent, afd. Gent